10 Ways To Market Your Personal Brand

A repost... Your personal brand is your reputation, your legacy. It is how others know you, introduce you, and refer you … or not. Others assign us value based on how they perceive our value to them. When you develop and promote your authentic personal brand, you are directing the legacy you will leave behind, and the reputation you can enjoy today. Developing a personal brand is only half the task. How you market and communicate your unique and compelling brand (to an audience that will … [Read more...]

What to Post … When You Can’t Think of What to Post

One of the most common complaints I hear from people reluctant to use social media is, “I never know what to post!” After you define your personal brand strategy and identify your target audience and its needs, you will need to develop the tactics to leverage your reputation. Likely, this will include building your credibility online using different platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Your goal will be to make yourself findable and relevant to your target audiences online. To keep … [Read more...]

Reputation is Everything – Why NBC News is Concerned

Companies invest a great deal in protecting their assets -- from their intellectual property, to their human capital and their technical systems. They also direct a great deal of effort and attention to managing their brand, their reputation. For businesses, their brand is where the essence of their company's promise lives: The brand represents the set of values and principles that define the company and how it believes it will treat its audiences. The business' reputation (earned by their … [Read more...]

The Loudest Feedback is Silence

Most businesses are good at measuring “satisfaction.” They survey, question, inquire and pursue feedback on comment cards. They ask questions, audiences answer. They analyze results in metrics that gauge satisfaction and performance. But what about what your clients are NOT telling you? Sometimes, the loudest feedback is silence. Why did your favorite accounting client change CPAs? Why did your insurance customer choose another carrier? What led your favorite coaching client to … [Read more...]

4 Things College Seniors Can Do to Secure That First Job

Graduation is coming soon. Start building your personal brand today! Senior year is an exciting time on college and university campuses. For college seniors planning to find a job after graduation, it is important to consider what that job will be and make yourself findable to potential employers. Here are four important things you can do now to ensure your positioning in the job market makes you stand out: 1. Define your goal and set a strategy That first job after college can feel … [Read more...]

Could This Be the Key to a Successful Personal Brand?

I recall when my sons played high school football, there was one particular parent/coach/player meeting in the school auditorium that stood out. The coaches brought in college football scouts to talk to the players about what they looked for in their recruiting efforts. They talked about watching film, assessing skill, and evaluating talent and potential ability. But, they said, there was one thing they watched for most of all. “You see,” said one of the Ivy League scouts, “you can teach a … [Read more...]

15 Tips to Rev Up Your Reputation in 2015

As she approached a critical fork in the road, Alice and the Cheshire Cat had this brief exchange: “Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?" "That depends a good deal on where you want to get to." "I don't much care where –" "Then it doesn't matter which way you go.” ― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland As we look forward to 2015, you have an opportunity to hit reset on your plans and find a new direction. Here are my top 15 tips for enhancing your personal brand, … [Read more...]

5 Critical Questions to Ask Before You Post

Social media has this intoxicating way of luring us: We see a cute cat-falling-off-the-countertop video and we are compelled to add our thoughts; A friend shares the news of his new job and we must say how proud we are of his success; A company professes a high customer satisfaction rating and we beg to differ…. So we type away. Add a sense of anonymity we often feel when sending thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and frustrations into cyber space, and damage to our reputation is inevitable. … [Read more...]

How Do You Serve?

Today is Veterans Day, 2014. This date has a special meaning for me, because it was Veterans Day 2009 when I was made aware of the issues facing military personnel in their transition to civilian careers. I learned of the fear and confusion facing former military personnel trying to join the new workforce and the many obstacles that stood in their way. I heard hiring managers struggle with not being able to hire them because the gap in experience and the cultural divide was too great or because … [Read more...]

How to Build a Professional Reputation That Will Elevate Your Career

Originally posted on CareerAttraction.com.  Anyone who’s looking for a job, hoping to keep their job or seeking a better job faces the same dilemma: How do I make myself compelling and relevant, yet stay true to my goals and values? The answer lies in understanding the basics of reputation management and personal branding. Employers, hiring managers, supervisors, clients, colleagues and peers naturally form opinions and judgments about us based on how they’ve experienced our behavior and … [Read more...]