10 Ways Your Body Language Is Sending The Wrong Message

It’s been said that our non-verbal communication (body language) accounts for a huge part of how information is received. For instance, if a mother reprimands her toddler and smiles or giggles as she does it, the child notes the joy and disregards her stern words. In her very popular Ted Talk, social psychologist Amy Cuddy shares how various “power poses” (standing or sitting in a confident posture) can physically change chemical levels in the brain and positively impact our ability for … [Read more...]

Stumped by the “F-Word”

Recently, I was asked to speak at a university to a group of graduate communications students. They asked me to address my journey as an entrepreneur who built a successful company in the branding and communications space. We talked about the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur, the process of building an international brand, and the many lessons I’ve learned in the past seven years since LIDA360 launched. Whenever I speak at colleges and universities, the round of questions from … [Read more...]

20 Quotes To Inspire and Motivate

If you are like me, you find a quote that speaks to you at a particular place in your life, and you hold on to it. It speaks to what you are feeling or struggling with, and seems to give a perspective that helps you sort through your personal brand journey. The first quote, "The two most important days of your life are the day you were born, and the day you realize why." Mark Twain, is particularly meaningful to me and my work because personal branding is all about unleashing who you are (why … [Read more...]

Don’t Assume

If you were signing an important business contract, you wouldn't just assume your best interests were represented and sign it, would you? Of course not! You would read the contract carefully, ask questions and engage legal counsel if you needed help. So why then, when we interact with our employer, clients or even colleagues, do we so often project our own fears, insecurities and biases on others and assume they feel the same way we do? Here are some situations where we might assume we know … [Read more...]

Three Crucial Lists You Should Make Today

When I start the personal branding process with a new client, I spend a lot of time uncovering, discovering and probing their values, beliefs, skills, goals and feelings. This ensures we build and promote an authentic and sustainable reputation for my clients that helps them drive success in their career, and in their life. Of all the lists we make when I work with clients, three are critical to anchor their personal brand to a plan that can provide a filter, or set of criteria, through which … [Read more...]

Important Elements to Build Your Personal Brand: The Four C’s and an A

The following is an excerpt from Lida Citroën’s best-selling book,  “Reputation 360: Creating power through personal branding”. The book is an empowering and clear guide to understanding, developing and marketing your personal value and offer through online and in person positioning. There are four C’s and an A to remember when building a successful personal brand.  First, your brand needs to be clear.  It’s up to you to clearly articulate to others what makes you unique. If you don’t clearly … [Read more...]

Hate Networking? You’re Not Alone

If you are an extrovert (like me) you might view networking as easy. All I have to do is go up to a complete stranger, introduce myself and share with them something interesting or compelling so they will keep talking to me. I will ask them probing questions about themselves that will get them talking about their interests and we will both explore whether a mutually beneficial business relationship might ensue. Easy, right? Not even for extroverts or very social people. Networking is … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Market Your Personal Brand

A repost... Your personal brand is your reputation, your legacy. It is how others know you, introduce you, and refer you … or not. Others assign us value based on how they perceive our value to them. When you develop and promote your authentic personal brand, you are directing the legacy you will leave behind, and the reputation you can enjoy today. Developing a personal brand is only half the task. How you market and communicate your unique and compelling brand (to an audience that will … [Read more...]

What to Post … When You Can’t Think of What to Post

One of the most common complaints I hear from people reluctant to use social media is, “I never know what to post!” After you define your personal brand strategy and identify your target audience and its needs, you will need to develop the tactics to leverage your reputation. Likely, this will include building your credibility online using different platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook. Your goal will be to make yourself findable and relevant to your target audiences online. To keep … [Read more...]

Reputation is Everything – Why NBC News is Concerned

Companies invest a great deal in protecting their assets -- from their intellectual property, to their human capital and their technical systems. They also direct a great deal of effort and attention to managing their brand, their reputation. For businesses, their brand is where the essence of their company's promise lives: The brand represents the set of values and principles that define the company and how it believes it will treat its audiences. The business' reputation (earned by their … [Read more...]