Three Networking Secrets No One Probably Told You About

As someone who has spent her career networking, teaches workshops on intentional networking, and is considered to have a dynamic and rich set of influential contacts, I can tell you there are some things about networking you probably didn’t know. Networking is relationship building. It is a strategic and intentional part of your professional growth and career success. There are two kinds of networking: in person and online. Both forms of networking are important, and they follow similar rules … [Read more...]

Lida’s Favorite Tips for Military Veterans Transitioning to Civilian Careers

Wait! Before you discard this blog because you didn't serve in the military and fear this post is irrelevant, consider this: With 2.6 million veterans who have served since 911, it is almost a certainty that you know someone who wore the uniform and would benefit from this information. Consider whether your neighbor, coworker, boss, staff, kid's soccer coach, or CPA is a military veteran -- if this blog isn't for you, send it to them. Transitioning from a military to civilian career does not … [Read more...]

The Secret to Motivating a Slacker on Your Team

I am pleased to share this guest post from my colleague, Mike Figliuolo. In addition to being a well known speaker and all around great guy, Mike is co-author of the new book, Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results. You can learn more about Mike and the book at the end of the post. Enjoy! Dave has a great résumé with the right education and expertise from brand name schools and employers. When he accepted your job offer, you felt like you made one of … [Read more...]

Lida’s Favorite Personal Branding Tips

What if I told you that the most powerful tool you could use to advance your career already rests in your toolkit? Building your personal brand intentionally and thoughtfully allows you to show up with focus, articulate your offer clearly, and build a compelling reputation with your target audience. Creating influence over your career does not happen when you achieve a specific title or status… it happens when you are driving the messaging, behavior, and effect of your personal brand! Here … [Read more...]

Lida’s Tips for Building Your Brand on Social Media

Since I have been blogging for more than 5 years, I’m often asked to resend previous blogs that gained a lot of attention when they were posted. I thought you might enjoy seeing an aggregate of the blogs that were both my favorites and the most popular. Over the next few weeks, I’ll regroup blogs, articles, and videos on: Social Media, Personal Branding, Career Development, and Military Transition. If you’d like me to work on a set for another topic, feel free to suggest it! Blogs: What … [Read more...]

Do You Suffer from B.R.F?

I had the opportunity to speak about personal branding to a room full of women executives. We talked about the fundamentals of personal branding, and specifically how body language and image impact the perception others have of each of us. After all, the perception others have of us directly impacts their willingness to offer up opportunities we desire. As I finished speaking, a very polished woman approached me. Sue (not her real name) had an issue she needed help with. “Lida,” she said, “I … [Read more...]

Sampling Can Help You Find Your Passion

There is a quaint little frozen yogurt shop in my neighborhood that my husband and I frequent in the summer months. They offer customers the ability to dispense their own yogurt flavors and quantity and then add toppings as they like. Maybe you have one of these shops near you? When I first started going here, I took advantage of their offer to take small sample cups and then taste the flavors before I committed to filling a cup with one (or several) flavors of yogurt. I loved this idea … [Read more...]

Is It Ever Okay to Fake It?

One of the biggest challenges my personal branding clients share with me is the pull between performing up to others’ expectations, living up to the ideals of society/parents/friends/employers, etc., and being authentic to themselves. While the pressures of the outside world can feel conflicting with our own goals, passions, and beliefs, I argue that there is only one time it is okay to “fake” personal brand behavior. Before we get to that, let’s look at some of the ways and places we feel it … [Read more...]

11 Mistakes Candidates Make in Job Interviews

With all the training, coaching, and resources available for job seekers, hiring managers remain astounded by the missteps candidates make in interviews. When interviewing for a job or promotion, your goal as the candidate is to highlight your offer as a benefit for the company, show a direct correlation between your experience and the goals of the company, and demonstrate how your values align with the company's belief system. Yet, when interviewing, so many applicants make these … [Read more...]

Finding the Inspiration to Build Your Brand

One of the key components to maintaining a strong personal brand is the need to self-motivate. The outside world is busy and sometimes pushes back on what you believe to be your values, and that can feel frustrating, if not dejecting. In my programs and work with professionals to uncover and build compelling personal and corporate brands, the hardest part truly begins when you take your passion for the reputation you desire into the marketplace, where naysayers and skeptics can potentially … [Read more...]